Github contributions reach 4000 points

Hi, fellows,

Today I gladly announced that my personal open source contributions on the github community have reach 4000 points, from the continute works on github have been half year with almost 200 streak days.


Check list for year 2016

  • √. 100 days streak #4th, May#
  • √. Publish my first packages on the #11th, May#
  • √. Join as a Microsoft company dotnetfoundation contributor #5th, Jul#
  • √. Fall in loves with my girl

What’s my next?

This September I will going to work in the Bei Jing city, the capital city of China. A fantastic city that can provide me a more Broader platform for my bioinformatics software development career. With new challenge, Do great things and meet new friends in this new environment.

Due to the reason of start busy with the company works, so that the open source works of GCModeller project on github may be slowing down, but this open source project development will not be stop, and continue move on in my free time. And probably the GCModeller coding will be more professional as I will benefit from my new job by learning lots of new technical skill knowledge to solving the scientific problems.

Good luck with me! <( ̄︶ ̄)↗[GO!]

#2016-07-31# write in Hong Kong University.

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